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Content Warning: Body Image, Body Dysphoria

"The first time I see myself, I'm 5 years old."

A digital installation about fatphobia, self-awareness, and the process of being watched. Produced as part of Tablespoon Theatre'Potluck Festival.

Writer/Performer: Katy Owen

Producer: Gioia De Martino

Production Assistant: Charlie Hayward

"[S]pectators are invited to think and feel together with the artists, immerse themselves in the experience and actively reflect on their relation to their own and other people’s body – a remarkable achievement of body-awareness in this disembodied age." - Potluck Festival Review, Art Gate Blog 

Self-Portrait: Welcome

Please browse the Self Portrait gallery below

Click on the images for full audio and video. For the best experience, listen with headphones.

Self-Portrait: Text
Self-Portrait: Work
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